title:School Bullyi
ng Stopped: 5 Ways to Have a Pupil Services Meeting that Works!
author:Paula McCoach
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:13

You have had so many meetings on these bullies, but none of them ever seem to be effective.
You waste time and energy, and the bullies keep bullying.
Follow these 5 steps and have a meeting that produces results.
1. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Be sure you have the decision makers at the meeting. It is fine to meet with the team of teachers, psychologists, social workers in attendance. But, in order to get anything accomplished, you need the staff members present that can make the decisions.
Be sure you have the principal or vice-principal of the building present, so decisions can be made and carried out.
If the bully is a hardcore bully, you will need the Pupil Services Supervisor or Alternative School Principal from the Board of Education present. If your plans are to remove the bully from the school, be sure to have the appropriate staff members present.
2. Be sure to invite the parent(s) or guardian of the bully. When you contact them, you should spell out exactly why the meeting is being held. Parents like administrators and Board of Education staff, are the people that can make and/or carry out the decisions make to help this child.
If the parent or guardian is unable to attend, make sure you call them following the meeting and let them know the team’s recommendations as well as get their input.
3. Have a basic idea of what recommendations would be effective for possibly making a difference with this student. Check out these ideas and be sure they are feasible. For example, if you are thinking of putting this student in an alternative program, you need to make sure there is space in these programs before the meeting.
Another example, if you want to recommend a mentor to work with this student, be sure there is a mentor available, when they would be able to start working with this student and what their current relationship is with this students.
4. You may think this step is a no-brainer but be sure to schedule the meeting at a time when the key players can attend. Moreover, you want the decision makers to be able to attend if possible, so tailor your schedule your meeting around them.
5. Another no-brainer step but one that is often overlooked, be sure to have the school records file at the meeting, it is a good idea to have reviewed and discussed any pertinent information from the students past history.
So, use your meeting time wisely and profitable. You want to solve this bully problem quickly and effectively, and a PST, Child Study or whatever your team meetings are called, will be not only effective but efficient as well. Thanks for helping kids dealing with bullies.
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